Expert equipment. Precision service. Olympic-standard training

B MOVED work directly with the shipyards, yacht designers, technical teams or captains to carefully define the space needed for the perfect fitness area on-board the yacht. We consult on features such as equipment selection, layout, ventilation, mirror placement, refreshment stations and floor spacing to fill your space with a truly inspirational area.


Partnering with elite suppliers worldwide, we create a range of equipment tailored to meet your client’s needs. These can include strength and cardiovascular equipment, strong man apparatus, group class equipment and any other specialist apparatus or accessories. (Pilates, boxing, etc.)

B MOVED procure only the highest level of equipment engineered for Olympic standard performance, selected to meet your client’s fitness profile.


A wide selection of our equipment can be customised with the yacht’s name or logo. The personalisation is all engraved with elegance and precision, creating the perfect finish in line with your yacht’s distinctive feel.


B Moved will educate your crew or owner on how to get the most out of your new equipment. Founded by Rudi Keil, an ex-professional sportsman turned Olympic-standard strength coach with experience in training professional athletes as well as developing corporate wellness programmes for businesses and superyachts. Specialising in body composition, endocrinology and functional movement, Rudi translates the science and theory of personal training to guide you towards your personal best and more.

Yacht services include:

  • Charter client services
  • Crew wellness
  • Equipment induction
  • Functional strength and conditioning
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Programme design
  • Sports massage
  • Sports nutrition
  • Structural balancing
  • Trigenics ©


B MOVED’s mission is to help people perform better and live a clean and healthy lifestyle, by making simple, positive choices.

Strategically aligned with some of the world’s leading experts on strength training, anti-ageing and supplementation, we provide you access to brand new solutions, technologies and products for health and wellbeing.

B MOVED now offer a complete range of supplementation as well as honest, healthy snacks for people who are always on the move.

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