BMOVED B Paleo Meal Bar
BMOVED B Paleo Meal Bar | 12 PACK



Macro-nutrient protein bar for a healthy snack on the go

Product Size: 500 grams

Product Size: 1 case of 12 bars

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Our B PALEO Peanut Butter Macro-Nutrient Bar is a great tasting peanut butter/chocolate food bar which features a balanced macronutrient blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre for sustained energy and hunger control. It contains a mixture of high biologic value proteins from whey isolate and concentrate as well as easy to digest rice protein concentrate. B PALEO Meal bar contains a natural blend of fast, medium, and slow releasing carbohydrates. It is sweetened with tapioca syrup (manioc starch) and maltitol, and it is fructose and sucrose-free.


12 Pack


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